Consultations & Regulatory Updates

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Sentencing Council

Animal cruelty: Consultation  View

The Sentencing Council is seeking to revise and update the sentencing guideline for animal cruelty, to provide fuller guidance to sentencers. Closes 1 August 2022

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Moving animals across borders inquiry  View

This inquiry scrutinised the impact of the new agreement and relationship with the EU on how animals can be moved across borders, focusing on live animal exports, equines and domestic animals. Its report and Government’s response are now published.

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill

Legislation introduced to Parliament by UK Government  View Progress

Statutory guidance for Hiring out horses licensing

Hiring out horses licensing: statutory guidance for local authorities, updated 1 February 2022    View

Animal Welfare Committee

BHC response to Animal Welfare Committee call for information on Covid-19 outbreak   BHC response

Animal Welfare

This plan sets out government’s aims and ambitions across animal welfare   View

English and Welsh Government Consultations

The are no current consultations.

Northern Ireland Government Consultations

There are no current consultations.

Scottish Government Consultations

Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill   View Bill