General Election 2024 - Manifesto for the Horse

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In advance of the General Election, we have been asking doorstep canvassers and representatives of political parties the following questions, which you are welcome to reinforce:

  • The horse industry is worth £9bn a year to the UK but faces ever growing challenges that require an effective horse identification system. What will you do to implement digital horse ID?
  • More women, over 45s and disabled people ride than take part in other physical activity, yet unfair business rates are restricting access to riding. What will you do to ensure this activity remains available for everyone?
  • Last year 66 horses were killed on the roads and the situation is getting worse, whilst access to off road riding is becoming more limited. What will you do to keep horses and riders safe?

Border Target Operating Model

Defra’s final plans for a new approach to importing goods into Great Britain, which have been progressively introduced since the end of January 2024.

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What Does the Future Look Like for Managing Horse Passports and Horse Information?

Both Defra and the British Horse Council consulted or surveyed on equine ID during 2022.

 Defra Consultation Outcome   BHC Survey Report

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The British Horse Council is the channel through which all parts of the UK’s equine industry can join forces. Where consensus exists, the we will engage with government and others for the benefit of the sector.

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The British Horse Council hosts two meetings a year. These provide a forum for discussion on matters affecting us all and an opportunity to share important information.

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